What is a EULA?

When you purchase a font, you are purchasing a license to the use of the font. The End User License Agreement lists permitted uses, restrictions and all terms and conditions for using the fonts. You can purchase a license for desktop and/or web use, depending on your requirements. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.

Can I test the fonts?

The typesetters on the website work with a full character set webfont, and are equipped with OpenType features. Hopefully this provides a good indication of what the fonts can do.

Can I share the fonts with my client?

The fonts are licensed to specific individuals/organizations and can’t be shared outside your organization. If your client needs to use the fonts on their own computers, they will need to obtain their own license.

Do you provide upgrades?

If fonts are updated, I will let you know and you will be able to access the upgraded versions through your account, without additional charge.

Do you offer other license types?

Generally I can provide a license to suit your specific needs, such as broadcast, enterprise, software embedding, ePublishing and more. Please send an email to to start a conversation.

Do you provide support?

Certainly! If you have questions about the fonts or have discovered a technical problem, please contact me.

Desktop Fonts

How many users can install the fonts?

When you purchase a desktop license, you need to choose the number of users within your organization who will install the fonts on their computer or use the font via a font server. For desktop licenses covering more than 50 users, please email for a quote.

Can I add more users?

For sure, you can purchase a new license for the additional users through the website, or you can email me for assistance.

Do all users need to be in the same geographic location?

No, the desktop license is valid world-wide. However, all users and their computer must belong to your organization.

Can I use the fonts to produce a logo?

Yes, you can use the fonts to produce artwork as part of a corporate identity or brand. However, in order to share the logo you will have to convert the font to artwork/outlines. You are not permitted to embed the fonts within logo artwork.

With a desktop license, can I also use the fonts on my website?

You can create static images such as .jpg, .png or .gif files using the font for use on your website. If you want to use the live fonts via CSS @font-face, you need to purchase a separate webfont license in addition to your desktop license. There are bundle discounts for purchasing both desktop and webfont licenses.

Can I take your fonts to a commercial printer?

You may embed the fonts in a PDF for the purpose of printing. Alternatively you can convert the font to artwork/outlines for the purposes of printing. You may not share the fonts with a printer. Should your printer require the fonts they must purchase a license.

Can I embed the fonts in a PDF?

Yes, you can embed the fonts into a PDF. The text within the PDF file may be viewed and printed, but may not be editable. You are also required to secure the document so that the font cannot be extracted.


What is a webfont?

A webfont is a version of font that can be used on a website with the @font-face CSS at-rule. This is the only way you can render live, selectable text on a website using the fonts.

What formats do you provide?

Webfonts are provided in WOFF and WOFF2 formats, which is the current industry standard. If you require legacy formats, (SVG, EOT, etc.), please contact me.

Is your web font license fee a one-time fee?

Yes, a webfont license is a one-time fee not a subscription.

How do I use webfonts on my website?

The webfonts work with the @font-face CSS at-rule. Mozilla's developer documentation here is a good resource.

Can I give a copy to my developer?

Yes, you can provide the webfonts to your web developer for the purpose of developing your website. Your web developer must agree to and adhere to the terms of the Webfont EULA and delete all copies of the webfonts after your project is complete. If your developer wishes to use the webfonts for any other project, they must purchase their own license to use the fonts.

Who should purchase the fonts, me or my developer?

Generally it is best that you, the owner of the domain purchase the webfonts and supply your developer with a copy. Your developer can also purchase the license on your behalf, provided you are listed as the Licensee. This can be done on directly during the ordering process.

Do I need to protect the webfonts on my website?

You must make reasonable efforts to protect the webfonts from unauthorized access, use, duplication or distribution. Please discuss with your developer on methods you can implement.

How many websites can I use the webfonts on?

You can use the webfonts on any website owned and operated by you. There is no restriction of number of domains, sub-domains, etc, as long as they are all owned by you.

What happens if my website exceeds the page views I purchased?

Webfont licenses are based on average monthly page views. If your website has a sudden spike, you don’t need to upgrade your license immediately. If your website exceeds your licensed page views for three consecutive months, you are required to upgrade your license.

Who keeps track of page views?

You are required to track your website page views and adhere to the number listed on your order confirmation.

Can I use the webfonts on a staging server?

Yes, you can use the webfonts on a temporary server during development, this server may be owned by you or your developer.

How can I use the webfont's extra features?

Within your CSS document you can specify alternate forms and other features. Mozilla's developer documentation here is a good resource.


What are my payment options?

Payments are processed through Stripe, which accepts most major credit cards.

Where is my order confirmation?

After your payment is processed you will be linked to an order confirmation page. Your order confirmation will also be added to your account, and you will receive a copy by email.

Where can I download the fonts?

You can download the fonts from the order confirmation page. A download link will be added to your account, as well as emailed to you.

Can I get a refund?

If there is a problem with your order, selected or received the wrong fonts, please get in touch.

Technical Questions

How do I install the desktop fonts?

Mac users should refer to Apple’s documentation.

Windows users should refer to Microsoft’s documentation.

For other font management software, please consult the documentation provided.

What languages do your fonts support?

Our fonts primarily support the Latin alphabet, including the major languages in North America, South America, Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, as well as several African languages.