This work in progress is inspired by the first sans-serif fonts of the early 20th century. While researching most of the fonts at the time were developed in a fractured manner - using an established uppercase set, then pairing with lowercase from another designer or foundry. When the fonts are extended to other widths and weights some inconsistencies appear. The goal here is to create a grotesk that has a general consistency throughout the weights and widths.

While the full family is being finalized, you can download and test the Light, Regular, Medium and Bold weights of the standard width. Details below.

Black weight

Weight range of the regular width

Working on 3 widths

Design details


With In-Progress fonts, I'm looking to collaborate with designers to improve final release fonts. Feedback is welcome, You'll also be notified of any future updates and the final release.

* Please note as these fonts are currently work-in-progress, they are provided in "as is". They may contain flaws, bugs or just paths that required revision before final release. The fonts contain a limited character set and preliminary kerning.

For details, please read the terms and conditions.